Is Hell Fair?

The Hell doctrine is one of the most important and less taught pillars of the Gospels. Most preachers avoid teaching it, because on the surface it looks completely “unfair”. But let’s examine it for a moment. We know from scripture that our BEST deeds are like filthy rags in the eyes of God (Isaiah 64:6). Meaning we think we are doing good and treating people well, but to a pure and Holy God we are not.

The next thing we need to understand, is that GOD is not only a loving God but a JUST God as well. Which is why a sacrifice had to be made in the old days, to remind men that there was a price to be paid for SIN.

Now let’s compare GODs justice to our own justice here on earth. Here are just SOME of the things God considers a SIN: lying, cheating, stealing, murder, anger, dishonoring your parents, praying to false idols and gods, calling the Lord’s name in vain, lusting after another woman or man even in thought, envy and pride. Now this is a SMALL list of sins, when you look that over and be HONEST with yourself, how many times have you sinned in your life? For me, the answer would probably be MILLIONS.

If we look at our laws, and particularly crimes that would be punishable by time in prison… how many years would you get sentenced to prison for committing a crime MILLIONS of times? You can cheat on your taxes ONE time and get 10 years in prison. You can murder 3 times and get LIFE in prison. You can even get sentenced to 800 years in prison!

You might say, YES but lying is not MURDER!!! That is unfair to punish me for lying… but isn’t that what a tax cheat is… a liar? So here we have a GOD who is Holy, Loving and Just. He has plainly told us his laws and what he considers to be a CRIME punishable by eternal separation from Him (Sin). He also KNOWS we will NOT be able to live a sin-free life and make it to heaven on our own power. This is why he sent Jesus to the cross. Once Jesus (GOD) came to earth to be crucified he became the FINAL sacrifice and paid the price for ALL the worlds sins past, present and future.

The ONLY Stipulation to accept his gift of grace, is that you believe in him with all your heart (in other words have a personal relationship with him) and REPENT or turn-away from your sins.

Sadly most people will not find their way to heaven (Matthew 7:13), because they have the problem of SIN. AS GOOD as they might be they are still SINFUL… and SIN Cannot enter the presence of a Holy God. Heaven is the ABODE of GOD, therefore to gain entrance you need to be cleansed of all SIN. There is no place on earth you can go to be cleansed of sin, there is only ONE way and that is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

BUT HERE is the great news, ONCE you enter into that relationship with Jesus he gives you the GIFT of EVERLASTING life, and your eternity is sealed in his Grace. ON the PLUS side, entering that relationship will CHANGE your life forever in GREAT ways. You will live better, love better, see things in life that are truly important and experience everything in a different way.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall


Keith Mosher

Keith Mosher

Soldier for Christ at Stand Tall For Christ
Keith Mosher is a former Atheist of 35 years whose life was changed when God supernaturally appeared in his life, changing him instantly. He now dedicates his life as a Soldier for Christ, Apologist, Disciple and Author.
Keith Mosher

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Keith Mosher

Keith Mosher is a former Atheist of 35 years whose life was changed when God supernaturally appeared in his life, changing him instantly. He now dedicates his life as a Soldier for Christ, Apologist, Disciple and Author.

3 thoughts on “Is Hell Fair?

  • August 7, 2017 at 3:49 am

    Hell is in direct conflict with unconditional love.
    Eternal punishment for a finite life of sin, surely doesn’t fit the transgressions.
    But, it’s all our fault if we end up in Gods eternal detention.

    • August 7, 2017 at 2:42 pm

      Here on Earth we all die. Imagine for a moment an Earth where no one dies of old age, we all live forever unless we are killed.
      Now imagine a Mass Murderer goes to jail… on Earth today he would get multiple life sentences in most states. Few states have the death penalty.
      Now you are the judge, the mass murderer is in front of you in court… how many years do you put him in jail?
      At what point do you allow the mass murderer to walk freely in society? Your judgement must be FAIR… what do you do?
      Another question, let’s add to your dilemma as the mass murderer is someone you know, a close friend you love dearly. How does that change your judgement if at all?

      Why do I bring up these points…? To clarify a few things.
      First Eternity and Finite are measures of time. In eternity there is NO TIME, no hours, days, weeks or years. There is only existence. We use time here on earth to get a measure of our lives which will end. In eternity we will not end. We will always be.

      Second, saying a JUST God cannot be a LOVING God… is simply not accurate. A judge can render perfect justice and still be wholly loving. They do not contradict each other.

      • August 9, 2017 at 1:59 am

        For now, we will agree to disagree.
        It’s hard for me to comment on your posts, due to all the discussions we’ve had over the years.
        I pretty much know what you counter argument is going to be…hahaa


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